About Us

Since May 2010, Street Smart Valuations has been providing the highest level of client satisfaction by offering exceptional customer service, outstanding quality control and prompt order completion, all while taking the guesswork out of the mortgage industry’s ever-evolving regulatory climate.
Our management team is comprised of both appraisal and lending industry veterans, whose experiences combine to offer our clients unique benefits. That means appraisals completed with full appraiser independence and USPAP compliance, delivered with the urgency and communication lenders need to maintain above average service standards.

We ensure local, knowledgeable appraisers who are fairly compensated and have no outside incentives complete the appraisal reports we deliver. Our clients receive appraisal reports that meet all Appraiser Independence Requirements (AIR) and are compliant with the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act.

What We Offer:

  • A dedicated Account Manager, offering one point of contact for all appraisal orders
  • Appraisers who are certified, local and FHA approved
  • Industry-leading technology, including email notifications, full order histories, and the ability to download appraisals directly from our site
  • Completed appraisals that comply with all applicable laws and come with an official certificate of compliance
  • Access to consultations with senior appraisers
  • Direct delivery to UCDP with SSR reports provided with every order as needed


State License Number
Alabama AL0217
Alaska 196948
Arkansas AMR – 231
Arizona AMC 40260
California AMC 1375
Colorado AMC 200000119
Connecticut AMC.0000254
Delaware X7-0010173
Florida MC245
Georgia 256
Idaho AMC-5760
Illinois 558.000330
Indiana AMC2200002
Kansas KS206
Louisiana AMC.912125438
Maine AMC4619
Maryland 34408
Michigan 1202000232
Minnesota 40798242
Mississippi AMC-176
Missouri 2022007103
Montana REA-AMC-LIC-14238
Nebraska NE2021009
Nevada AMC.0000999
New Hampshire AMC-198
New Jersey 42AC00015800
New Mexico AMC1213
North Carolina NC-1249
North Dakota AMC-ND-2021-109
Ohio AMC.2021007683
Oklahoma 60226AMC
Oregon AM-218
Pennsylvania AMC000237
South Carolina 174
South Dakota AMC-SD-1179-2022
Tennessee 265
Texas TX2000219
Utah 10191202-AMC0
Vermont 077.0133211
Virginia 4009000216
Washington 3000195
West Virginia WV000803
Wisconsin 114-900

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